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Different Solutions For Different Roles

Classera aims to transform the educational future by implementing the most recent e-learning solutions along with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to change today’s traditional classrooms into a better one through a journey we all dream about to our upcoming generations in education with our Learning Super Platform.

New Learning Experience

The next generation is our main focus in Classera, through our Learning Super Platform our students get the best E-learning experience via interactive, Gamified and Engaging learning experience with additional resources to help them with their daily assignments and get ready together for exams and optimize student outcomes! Our LMS is highly customized for being a user friendly for our different users from K-12 with customized solutions per each stage.

Our students are our Future, we focus on providing them with all the required to create the true joy of smart learning we seek providing at Classera, From starting their day using our Bus navigation features and having their lessons at their classes  by using our LMS to going back home and exploring our enriching educational materials from our partners to help them in submitting their assignment or even having an online test by the end of the day or they can also chat together in a safe and secured educational environment.

We have different solutions for all student cases and levels to enhance their academic performance and encourage them with a unique pointing system and study race to get exceptional rewards, we also care for students with special educational needs by providing solutions and features to help them have an exceptional learning experience.

Simply, Classera Is a student companion from waking up in the morning to getting back home making the school not only a place for education but also a place that develops a human life to a better and intelligent one to shape his future to a brighter life and career.

Innovative Teaching Methods

With our interactive and smart tools, your teaching experience will never be like before, Using the latest learning techniques and adding tools from our global partners, the classroom will be more fun, educating, and interactive!

Forget the hassle of exams with our Smart exam modules to create exams within minutes! With a grade management system to help you finalize your teaching journey. Not only this; you can create virtual classrooms, send announcements or even discuss a video about your topics or give an interactive assignment like creating a chemical experiment or explore a skeleton via our Virtual experience in C-Reality!!

And at the end, you can give scores to your most interactive students or even reward all your students with C-inspire, with also rewarding teachers for their great efforts with unique rewarding program and incentives.

You can also upgrade your career level as a teacher with our training programs and get an official certificate from Classera know more 

Simply you will enjoy your classroom with Classera Eco-system as we are the true joy of smart learning.

Exceptional Engaging & Monitoring Experience

Because we know that parents need to monitor, evaluate, and support their children educational experience, we provide the ideal LMS for parents to be more involved in their child’s school experience accompanied by many products to make their life easier matching their busy schedule.

We provide solutions that supports our parents from waking up in the morning and tracking the school bus, to managing daily child expenses, monitoring daily meals, reviewing school clinic, monitor their child’s academic progress in real-time by tracking their child’s attendance, assignments, and grades from the platform’s dashboard.

Not only this, we created an ecommerce product to serve your child's educational needs at Edu malls and made school payments easier anytime with C-pay while also rewarding you as a parent for your significant efforts via C-inspire! and many more solutions to make life much easier for parents with Classera.

Classera provides a comprehensive platform for parents to participate in their child’s learning. With the right tools, parents can ensure that their child receives a high-quality education and develops the necessary skills to succeed in the future.

Smart Administration with saving time

We know that working in administration has a lot of details that needs attention, We at Classera provide different solutions that match all the administrative roles to make their daily work smarter not harder.

Managing a group of schools or one will be easier than before with our LMS in Classera by setting limitations and permissions, creating, and exporting reports easily, managing courses, sending announcements, creating contests, clubs, clinic or even managing your canteen with a click of a button and much more to discover!

Comprehensive Eco-System

Enjoy the privilege of our Eco-system not only for students and teachers, but also serving your Financial, Administration, PR, Marketing, and all departments with +10 products, Hundreds of Global partnership and many LMS features for observing and managing your organization, also you can choose your best Module that matches your school and requirements.

Management became easy by a click of a button with Classera, you can manage your school with Realtime observing attendance, absences, exporting & singing certificates, creating announcements, meeting and much more to discover.

Our products & Solutions will make you a leading educational organization by applying Ai in learning experience with C-reality, A special product for Kindergarten with C-Kids, a product to helping students in deciding their career with persona , developing student current skills with C-skills, Financial and administrative management program (ERP) with C-smarter, secured payment collection platform with C-Pay  gamification and engagement in a loyalty program with C-inspire , Have your own marketplace and get revenue with Edu malls and more products to discover

Classera k-12

Overall, Classera can be an essential tool to enhance online presence or use it in your Hybrid experience, improve course delivery, provide a more engaging and effective learning experience and advanced administration solutions.

Featuring Classera can help attract students and demonstrate your commitment to providing high-quality education

Best Solutions for All roles

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