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Your Life-Long Learning Partner

It takes an entire community focused on improving learning outcomes to be successful in developing K-12 talent at scale. Classera launched our District Community Development Platform with that one goal in mind. Our product is designed to help Schools and Districts to build a thriving community of participating business partnerships.


Assessments, Rubrics. Modules. Calendars. Schedules. Quizzes and much more.. smoothly integrated withMicrosoft Teams, Zoom, and hundreds of other technology and education partners to deliver one centralized learning hub.

Skills development is Essential

It is time to keep pace with the changing technology and trendingdigital transformation taking the world by storm. It is time to have your virtual training platform that provides tools for your staff to develop their skills and their knowledge.

With LeadxEra, you will have access to these benefits.

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Our customer reviews

It is our pleasure at Al-Hossan Holding Group for Education and Training to extend a big thanks and gratitude to Classera Middle East for e-learning, in a distinguished strategic partnership for more than five years, in which we found all support for our vision in the digital transformation in our schools and the transition from traditional education to e-learning based on the use of technology Modern, and in line with the requirements of the modern era. Classera Middle East is a real and reliable partner at all times, and this is what we have clearly seen with the recent blocking of study in schools due to the Corona pandemic,

Rashid Alhoussan

Alhoussan for Training and learing CEO

We have distinguished partnership and strategic strategy that extends for more than V years we found it a true partner who shares our vision of digital transformation in Andalus schools after several other experiences, They were the best reliable partner in times of crises like their standing in the previous corona crises, we look forward • having an impressive future together.

Youssef Alkhariji 

Andalus Group CEO

The true beneficiaries of our partnership with Classera are the ministries of education and schools that can develop their performance and achieve better results for their students thinfugh the use of Classera smart learning systems that are compatible with Microsoft technologies. working with our partners is very important to provide unconventional solutions to our common partners.

Harb Bou Harb

Microsoft chairman of the education sector in the Middle East

Classera is a respected expert in the education sector. We’ve been delighted with their professional attitude. As the biggest learning platform in Finland, we’re excited to contine our strong partnership with Classera.

makke leppänen

Head of Partnership Eduten Ltd
Alex Cho

Excited for our new partnership with Classera to enhance the educational experience for students and teachers, including in remote learning settings. “HP Digital Classroom” empowers educators with new tools nurturing growth + enables hashtag#distancelearn

Alex Cho

President, Personal Systems at HP

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Global Partners

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