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Time to Upskill and reskill your employees to adapt to change​

LMS Training Platform gives training professionals everything they need to manage their entire training program in one secure, centralized environment.

Why every business should offer employee training 

To boost their performance and satisfaction 


Would stay longer with a company that invested in their career.


Would leave their job if their company didn’t offer training


Ranked training and opportunities for growth among the top three non-financial motivators

Set Up Your LMS Training Platform In A Snap​

Classera is one of the leading training platforms that let Organizations create and launch training courses in minutes​

100% Automation

Customize your e-learning platform​

Setup your site in a few simple steps and customize it with your own logo, images, carousel, terminology, color scheme, and more.​

Craft Learning Experiences your Customers will love​ , Leaderboards and Gamification features:​

Save up to 50% on Training Costs​

Powered by artificial intelligence LeadXera platform Fits all types of training and Helps your organization​
to cut the onboarding & turnover costs to 50% and support employees at each stage of their careers—from onboarding through professional development to upskilling.

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