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Classera signs 13 agreements in LEAP 23

Classera for smart learning has signed 13 agreements with major global technology companies in the fields of education, training, financial technology, artificial intelligence, chatbots, e-content, and value-added services during the third day of the LEEP conference held in Riyadh.

The strategic agreements, signed by the co-founder and CEO of Classera, Eng. Mohammed Al Madani, aims to serve more than 10 million users in 33 countries in the fields of financial technology, artificial intelligence, chatbots, e-content, and value-added services.

Commenting on the news, Mahmoud El Gabri, Strategic Partnerships Director at Classera, said, “As part of Classera’s strategic direction to enhance its integrated smart learning system, the company has signed with a number of leading companies in the field of e-learning and distance education, to provide the best services to its clients in the countries it operates in, and to offer new products in these countries as well as expanding into targeted markets.”

The agreements were signed with AlMentor, AZM, foodics, GamaLearn, informatique, LearnOBots, LUCIDYA, Sure, Unifonic, New Native, VRG, WideBot, and Sabaq. These agreements come as an extension of the global partnerships signed by Classera, including more than 100 strategic partnerships with regional and global companies, such as Microsoft, Zoom, Udemy, Intel, and Amazon.

During his speech at the conference on the future of learning, the co-founder and CTO, Eng. Mohammed Al Ashmawy, showcased Classera’s latest applications that utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality to improve the learning experience. He also highlighted the company’s investment in value-added services to contribute to a new and unique learning and training experience.

It is worth noting that Classera has received high praise from the CEOs of the companies (Almentor, informatique, GamaLearn, Sure Global Information Technology, Saudi Azm, Lucidia, Sabaq, LearnOBots, Widebot, Unifonic, New Native) for its efforts in developing the education and training sectors.

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