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Classera’s Impactful Participation in the 1st Annual Forum on Advancing Quality Teaching, Learning & Leadership at Ajman University

Ajman, UAE — April 27, 2024

Classera, a leading education technology provider made a significant mark at the 1st Annual Forum on Advancing Quality Teaching, Learning & Leadership hosted by Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates. This prestigious event, organized in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Seeds Arab, brought together educators, thought leaders, and industry experts to shape the future of education.

A Platform for Transformation

The forum, held at the iconic Ajman University, provided a dynamic platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and visionary insights. As the main sponsor, Classera was committed to fostering excellence in education and empowering educators with innovative tools and strategies.

Workshop on AI in Education

One of the highlights of the event was the engaging workshop conducted by Classera for UAE teachers. The focus?  AI Tools in Teaching and Learning: Technology for Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties. Educators participated in interactive sessions, exploring how AI can enhance personalized learning experiences for students with diverse needs.

During the workshop, we explored:

Student Assistant: Empowering students with learning difficulties to self-practice and learn at their own pace.

Teacher Assistant: Analyzing students’ data and developing individualized education plans to suit different learning needs.

Personalized Assessment and resources: Leveraging AI to assess student performance and identify areas for improvement and provide them with the right resources.

Seeds of Collaboration

Our collaboration with Seeds Arab and Ajman University exemplifies the spirit of partnership and shared vision. Together, we are sowing the seeds of educational transformation, nurturing a generation of learners equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Anticipating InnoXera 2024

As we reflect on this enriching experience, we invite you to stay tuned for the next chapter of innovation. InnoXera 2024, our flagship event, promises even more groundbreaking discussions, technological advancements, and collaborative endeavors. Join us as we shape the future of education!

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