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“Shaping the Future of Education: Successful Closure of the Second Edition of the Smart Learning Leaders Forum”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 29, 2023

In collaboration with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science (ALECSO), Classera announced the successful conclusion of the second edition of the Smart Learning Leaders Forum. This prestigious event took place on October 29, 2023, at The H Hotel in Dubai, bringing together delegations from ministries of education from around the world.

The forum was held alongside the GESS Dubai 2023 conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre and provided a platform for fruitful discussions and idea exchange that will continue to shape the future of education.

The event commenced with a welcoming address from Mr. Mohammed Almadani, the CEO of Classera, who set the stage for a day filled with exciting discussions. Dr. Mohammed Jemni, Deputy Director of ALECSO, then delivered a speech on behalf of Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, the Director-General of ALECSO, emphasizing ALECSO’s commitment to collaborating with Arab countries to support the achievement of the Education 2030 agenda.

Following that, Mr. Mohammed Almadani, the CEO of Classera, presented the latest features of Artificial Intelligence in the Classera system and shared inspiring success stories of Classera’s collaboration with education ministers in Pakistan and Tunisia to develop the education system. The e-learning platform in Pakistan and the Future School Tunisia platform in Tunisia were launched, both supported by Classera’s smart learning solutions.

Dr. Imad El-Balti, Advisor to the Minister of Education in Tunisia, spoke about the “Classera” project and the Tunisian Ministry of Education’s efforts to support digital transformation within the education system and implement the Classera digital platform in all Tunisian schools to enhance the education system in Tunisia.

On the other hand, Dr. Wasim Ajmal, Federal Secretary of Education, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in Pakistan, discussed the National Strategy for Digital Innovation in Education and improving quality through collaboration with Classera. outlined the national digital innovation strategy in education, drawing attention to quality enhancements through the Classera partnership. These sessions not only presented challenges but also charted the aspirations integral to the evolution of educational paradigms.

Dr. Nawaf Al-Ajarmeh, Secretary-General for Educational and Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Education in Jordan, emphasized the importance of educational development and international cooperation in this context.

The forum also featured insightful sessions led by ministry delegates from various countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman, the UAE, and others. These discussions offered valuable perspectives on their respective education systems and technological progress.

The forum concluded with a visit to the Museum of the Future, where leaders participated in a virtual journey to explore new future horizons supported by hope and knowledge in our present, where good education is a fundamental component.

The success of the second edition of the Smart Learning Leaders Forum strongly underscores Classera’s commitment to advancing the world of education through innovation, collaboration, and visionary leadership.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants and partners who provided their continuous support and contributions, making this exceptional event possible.

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